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Changing the face of manufactured housing...

Little did we imagine when we initiated the Designer Studio in 2010 how much we would truly be changing the direction of manufactured housing.  Because we came from outside the manufactured home world, what came naturally to us as architects - concepts such as transverse rooflines - quickly proved to be innovative (and imitated).

Our initial offering, and flagship, the Balboa Island Collection, was enthusiastically received when our showcase home was unveiled at the 2011 California Midstate Fair. Thousand of people could not believe their eyes that these were manufactured homes! Now, Balboa Island homes can be found in parks and on lots throughout California.

We then embarked on the ECO Collection, homes that would not only be more ECOnomical, but especially more ECOlogical without compromising on design or function.  These homes include features such as NEST self-programming thermostats, dual flush toilets, and high-efficiency air filters.

Our latest series, the Monterey Collection, includes many of the same upgraded features but introduces a new material palette reminiscent of California's Mission period. 

The Designer Studio is proud to be winners of the "National Home of the Year" in both categories at the Manufactured Housing Institute's annual convention for 2013, 2014, and 2015.

For more information and to see additional photos, we welcome to you to visit our website.
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