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Our flagship company, Farrell-Faber & Associates is an innovative, award-winning architecture and design firm. Founded by Kevin Farrell and Shaun Faber in 1989, the diversity of our work experience spans all architectural styles and has included homes throughout the western states.

Our commitment to staying at the cutting edge of design and technology has earned our firm its place as a leader in residential architecture and planning. We’ve also earned significant respect and recognition from Building Departments and City Design Review Boards for our integrity, quality of work and professionalism. This kind of reputation and experience helps our clients’ projects to travel smoothly through government approvals. Farrell-Faber & Associates also understands the need for architecture that is sustainable and sensitive to the environment, and is committed to designing "green".

Our philosophy at Farrell-Faber & Associates, Inc. is to work as a team, using our strong creative design skills, technical planning and process, industry relationships, and detailed understanding of our clients to provide a dramatic yet comfortable home that matches the new homeowner’s style and needs. It is our desire to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for the client..

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